Executive Committee 2020-2021


Bro. Brian J. Foster,
25-1990-Gamma Epsilon

Keeper of Records & Seal

Bro. Ryan Robinson,
8-2014-Nu Psi

Assistant Keeper of Records &Seal

Bro. Joseph C. McNeill,
4-1981-Pi Omega

Immediate Past Basileus

Bro. Allen Taylor,
3-2009-Pi Omega

Member At Large

Bro. Robb Ferguson,
4-1981-Upsilon Lambda

Member At Large

Bro. Maurice Ward,
3-2017-Pi Omega

Member At Large

Bro. Anthony Floyd,
4-2015-Pi Omega

Vice Basileus

Bro. Eric “Moby” Brown,
1-1977-Pi Epsilon

Keeper of Finance

Bro. Kyle E. Lockley,
7-2004-Pi Omega

Asst Keeper of Finance

Bro. Boret “Bo” Rose,
8-2009-Pi Omega


Bro. Marlowe Donte Brown Sr.,
4-2009-Pi Omega

Keeper of Property

Bro. Clifton Sherrod,
11-2015-Pi Omega


Bro. George C. Hendricks Jr.,
8-2015-Pi Omega


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